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Rave Reviews from Global Leaders About ILEC

“In an era where many are claiming to have the “magic bullet” for personal and interpersonal effectiveness, ILEC presents an original and creative approach that speaks for itself. With his way to teach and interact with people, my ILEC coach impacted me deeply at the most important inflection point of my professional and personal life. I recommend you commit to ILEC. You may well discover it offers the help you need to truly transform yourself from the inside out.” — Prof. Peter P. Pramstaller, MD, Scientific Director, Center for Biomedicine, Bolzano, Italy

“ILEC’s coaching provided me with an insight on my leadership qualities and potential; a road map to my career goals (via ILEC’s Assessment-Driven ILDP Tool); and a clear picture of my strengths and weaknesses that have made me the leader and person I am today.” —Travis Boswell, Program Manager, United Technologies-Aerospace

“Delivered with an unmatched style, ILEC’s powerful coaching methods impacted me deeply, creating an enduring awareness of my inherent talents which have since been fueling both my personal and professional life.” —Fabio Potenti, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Cleveland Clinic-Florida

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